Mr SEO and Mr Keyword Spy – Knocking on Your Site’s Door

Lots of marketers and ad agencies offer keyword research services. Keyword research and analysis are not as simple as using the free tools at AdWords and Overture. Advertisers must see beyond these tools and grasp the real time competition they are in.

Of course, design and interface are important, customer support and relationships are equally important, but they're all focused on what happens once a potential client gets to your site. And there enter the need for SEO.

And when you seek SEO to knock on your site, there comes with it, the inseparable "keyword research."

Keep in mind that keyword marketing research would determine the success or failure of a site, no matter how user-friendly or well-designed the pages in it. While doing optimization, it is always recommended to do a competitive analysis to discover the top keywords used by online seekers to find services and products and what search terms are utilized by your competitors who are doing very well in marketing themselves.

To get straight to the point, keyword research is the giant step for any search engine "findability" effort whether it is off page or on page optimization. A well-optimized domain relies on good organic keyword density and using the right keyword tool for its PPC bidding strategy.

But the real fun begins in the use of KeywordSpy. I discovered this web-based tool a month ago, and it researches on competition as probably I'd never expect from any keyword software. When it comes to SEO, the keyword competition becomes a complex measure of your competitors' strength that consist of their paid keywords, organic keywords an ad copy plus the corresponding conversion to measure keyword profitability. KeywordSpy quickly returns all this data in a well-designed interface, allowing you to even download the keywords and statistics to an excel or text file and sort those golden "money terms."

Not only this tool provide data on keyword search volume and price, unlike other tools, the level of accuracy of KeywordSpy in data presentation is way high.

So next time you allow SEO specialists to enter on your site's door, be sure that they tagged along the greatest competitor spy in town – KeywordSpy.