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Women who need help dealing with sexual assault, family violence, workplace harassment or other types of violence can now turn to a new website.

The portal, dubbed Awareness, Connect, Take Precaution, or A.C.T. Against Violence, has details about who victims can contact and where they can get help.

Launched by the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO) on Monday it also has information for women and concerned citizens about the types and cycle of violence.

At the launch event at the SCWO headquarters in Waterloo Street, Minister of State for Social and Family Development and for Education Sun Xueling said: “The Government is determined to tackle the issue of family violence.

“This is why the Taskforce on Family Violence, comprising public agencies, the courts and community partners such as hospitals, family violence specialist centres, crisis shelters and family service centres, was set up earlier this year to create awareness of the issue, and provide better support to victims.”

Ms Sun said community partnerships were important in the Government’s efforts to keep every woman in Singapore safe.

In her speech, she also cited figures from the Family Justice Courts, which last year received more than 2,400 applications for personal protection orders against abusive family members.

About three-quarters of the applications were made by women.

“Through the website, women experiencing violence can receive more information, and make more informed choices to address their situation,” Ms Sun said.

She added that bystanders and professionals can also visit the website and be equipped with the necessary resources to better support victims of violence.

SCWO president Junie Foo said the new site serves as a one-stop resource for all things related to violence against women.

She said: “The platform is aimed at increasing the awareness and understanding of different forms of abuse.

“We worked with the Ministry of Social and Family Development and the Ministry of Home Affairs in piecing together essential information and helplines to aid victims and the community to take precautions against violence.”

The website’s launch comes amid a spike in cases of violence against women this year.

The SCWO saw a 10 per cent increase in callers requesting assistance during the circuit breaker.

From April 7 to May 6, 476 police reports were filed for offences commonly associated with family violence – 22 per cent higher than the monthly average of 389 before the circuit breaker period.

More information on the A.C.T Against Violence website can be found at

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