Newcastle, Bangalore’s brother, confirmed as Apex’s newest legend in season 13, Saviors

The launch trailer for season 13 of Apex Legends, Saviors, just confirmed the game’s newest legend has a familial connection to the game’s existing roster.

Newcastle is coming in the new season as the game’s newest legend, and the secret identity behind the tank-like shield-wielder is none other than Jackson Williams, Bangalore’s long-lost brother who was assumed dead.

In the trailer, the legends drop into one last match for Bangalore, only for Storm Point to be assaulted by a giant sea monster. The legends group up to fight and defeat the monster, with the stinger at the end of the video revealing Newcastle’s identity.

The video teases changes to Storm Point, which was released at the end of 2021, marking the first update for the map since its launch. The website for season 13 mentions “the downed beast” as a potential new point of interest.

With the reveal that Newcastle is Jackson, Bangalore can now stick around and remain in the Apex Games, which is great for the community because losing a legend would not have been fun, regardless of what the lore implicates.

Screengrab via EA

The end of the trailer announced that a new Stories from the Outlands video will release later this week on April 28, potentially further detailing Jackson’s story and explaining where he’s been and what he’s been up to since his disappearance.

Apex season 13, Saviors, launches on May 10.