Proxy Websites

I wanted to take a break form doing reviews and things like that today, this will be a semi-informative post regarding proxies. I'm sure many of you have heard to word used, and maybe and came across a website of two that is a proxy. Well what exactly is a proxy?

There are two different types of proxy. One involves editing something on your local machine. The other is just visiting the proxy website and putting in the address you wish to visit.

A proxy is a way for you to not only get privacy, it also is a way to view websites that are blocked on your network. Such as your school, work place, or even the library. When you use a proxy, or proxy website all of the information is transferred through that proxy instead of your local machine. This means not only a whole new level of privacy for you, but this also means any pesky restrictions on your computer or network do not apply.

If you are interested in a web proxy one I like to use is It's fast, free, and it also has small shortcuts to very common websites that are blocked by most network administrators. If you are interested running a proxy on your local machine you can check out If you are unsure oh how to set the proxy on your computer read around their site, there are a few guides that you can use. But I always found it way more simple to use a web based proxy such as