PS5: Website crashes and delivery delays as new console is released

PS5-Out-of-stock.Getty / Sony

From delivery delays to breaking the internet, the launch of the PlayStation 5 has left some gamers disappointed.

The PS5 has been described as a “new era for gaming” by maker Sony, with the new system promising higher-quality graphics and faster loading times.

But demand for the new PlayStation has meant almost every website selling the console crashed at some point, leaving many people unable to actually buy the PS5 on its release day.

Shops such as John Lewis, Amazon and Tesco started selling the new PlayStation online from Thursday morning with customers able to buy the machine for a short time until the websites stopped working. Each retailer is now listing the console as ‘out of stock’.

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John Lewis websiteJohn Lewis

John Lewis was among the shops that have struggled with demand

Elsewhere, Currys PC World was forced to start a virtual queuing system which grew to 150,000 customers long. The company later tweeted saying: “There will be no PS5s available to buy today” adding that they were “working super hard to get more in stock”.

Gamers have also tried to buy the console on selling site eBay with some spending over £900 on the new machine, which is more than twice the retail price of £450.

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Meanwhile the PS5 is also out of stock at GAME where, not only did the company’s website crash, they’ve also had delivery problems for customers who pre-ordered the console.

Not only was demand a problem, but also the size, with the new console being notoriously chunky.

In an email to customers, Game said: “Due to the volume of PlayStation 5s in the UK market and the size of the product, the launch has led to UK-wide delivery challenges for all retailers and couriers.”

It goes on to say that it has had to use “multiple couriers” to get the consoles delivered on time but then singled out delivery company Yodel, saying the firm has “informed us that not all orders due to be delivered by them will be delivered on release day”.

Game messageGame

Game customers received this message, which blamed Yodel for late deliveries

Yodel, unhappy with what GAME had said, issued their own statement: “Yodel does not work directly with Game,” it said.

“We have been consistently clear on the order volumes we are able to carry for them and it is deeply disappointing that Yodel’s name has been incorrectly used in an email to customers on the status of orders.”

GAME says the “vast majority” of deliveries would be made on time, with the remainder coming a day later.

There have been reported delays from other retailers delivering pre-ordered PS5s too, including Amazon.

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Coronavirus causing problems

Piers Harding-Rolls, a gaming analyst said demand for both the PS5 and the new Xbox consoles had been very strong and would probably “come in waves as the product is restocked”.

“Clearly it is disappointing for consumers that have pre-ordered not to receive their console on launch day,” he said, suggesting that the problem has been made worse because customers have been unable to buy the console from shops in person because of coronavirus restrictions.

Stocks of new consoles are always limited when they first come out, but the pandemic has caused issued meaning supply to shops has been less likely to meet the demand from customers.

“The UK is not alone in this respect – some US retailers also had their challenges last week during the launches,” said Piers.

Sony has given no indication of when the PlayStation 5 will become easier to buy online, meanwhile competitor, Microsoft has warned that their Xbox Series X and S won’t be free of supply issues until April next year.

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