Publish Job and Training Data Directly Onto Your Website Using CareerOneStop’s APIs

ST. PAUL, Minn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CareerOneStop offers a wide range of career, employment, and education data through our application programming interface (API) services, which provide quality-controlled datasets to simply and seamlessly integrate information into other websites.

What are API Services?

API services are a way to exchange data and information seamlessly between websites enabling secure, standardized exchanges between different software applications. Data is requested and delivered via the internet. API customers have complete control over what and how information is displayed on their own websites to their customers.

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration, CareerOneStop provides API services at no cost that enable data users to:

  • Get access to a wide range of quality-controlled datasets. Available data ranges from occupation details such as wages and certifications to services that provide the ability to create your own Skills Matcher tool. CareerOneStop does the work of collecting, verifying, and updating data.
  • Enjoy the seamless integration of new data into an existing website. Using APIs does not take expert software knowledge to integrate into another website. CareerOneStop provides technical documentation and instructions to assist you.
  • Reduce maintenance costs and increase website efficiency. APIs can eliminate the need to collect, validate, and organize content and data. Applications can be developed much faster and at a lower cost using CareerOneStop’s standardized, tested datasets.

Explore all the APIs available on CareerOneStop’s What’s Available page. Several services have recently been updated, including:

  • Job Listings: Retrieve job postings for a specific keyword or an occupation title or code within a specific location. The returned list contains the job postings available in the area from the National Labor Exchange.
  • Get Locations: Validate location input and retrieve identities of associated geographical areas.

Visit CareerOneStop’s Web API Technical Information page to find details about API services, and sign up for services at Data Requests.

CareerOneStop also offers:

  • Widgets: Interactive search boxes to allow website visitors to search for CareerOneStop data
  • Data downloads: Full datasets of several CareerOneStop tools in multiple formats, including career videos, certifications, professional associations, occupation licenses, and more.

Please contact CareerOneStop with feedback or questions:

Email: [email protected]


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