• Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Quick Website Promotion – Four Fast Tips to Keep Visitors Coming

Simple and easy to implement, these quick web site promotion tips are guaranteed to bring in more traffic to your site for just minimal effort and time in your part. It does not take much to implement them, but they sure generate significant results. Try them to believe them!

* Word it – The right keywords, as long as the content is kept relevant and informative, are the key to search engine popularity. Use the proper keyword density without sacrificing style and grammar. A keyword density of 5% to 7% is good enough. Also pick the most searched keywords that are related to your website's topic.

* Submit it – There are tons of free directories and search engines to which you can submit your website. Do not limit yourself to popular ones like Google and Yahoo where competition is already stiff. Take a bit of your time to join less popular ones; you'll have better chances to have a higher page rank there.

* Display it – Include it in your email signatures, calling cards, forms, faxes, and letterheads. You can even have bumper stickers of your site's URL made and stuck to your own car's bumper, and your family's and friends' too. Grab any acceptable chance you get to display your website's URL.

* Blog it – You do not have to wait for someone to write about your website for it to get the attention it describes. Write about it yourself! In each blog entry, add a prominent link to your website. Keep your blog humorous, interesting, and updated, and ever you'll gather fans who can be lured to your website out of curiosity.