• Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

Regular Updates, Amount of the New Content and Number of Pages – SEO Factors Explained

What makes your website to get in the top of the search results? There are many factors which need to be considered. This article describes three of them which are quite important – regular website updates, amount of the new content and total number of pages.

SEO factor # 1:
Regular updates of your website content. The updates are sign of the quality. But it is not possible to say how often should be content updated. It depends on the site topic a lot. Some websites simply do not need to be updated too often and some need updates even a few times a day. E. g. while news website should be updated very often, website with the list of local companies do not need so frequent updates.

SEO factor # 2:
Amount of the new content – more new content means higher value for the visitors and search engines value that too. When creating new content, do it in the same way like link building – create new pages regularly and not too many in the same time. Creating new pages during the time has better impact on your SEO than doing a lot of work in a few hours.

SEO factor # 3:

The number of pages on your domain. The more pages your website has the higher value give search engines to your domain. There is a simple presumption: if the website has a lot of pages there must be sufficient content and more content means better quality. However, placing a lot of duplicate content on your website (like free articles) does not work. The content must be unique in order to get benefits from this SEO factor.