Satellite Internet Services – Fast Internet

Satellite Internet Reaches Virtually Everywhere

In less than a decade, broadband has gone from an extravagance to a must for many of us. With the extensive availability of satellite Internet services in the country, residential customers and commercial enterprises can benefit from fast connections which would require no more dialing in and no more delays. Satellite Internet services offer customers a significant upgrade from dial-up. But not all forms of high speed Internet are easily accessible, not if you’re in a rural location. DSL and cable modem providers require much infrastructure to reach homes or small offices in regions not hitherto connected.

In the case of two-way satellite services, customers won’t be facing such problems. At present satellite Internet services from major providers are available all over the continental United States in rural and urban locations. The place where the customer resides should offer a clear view of the southern sky. Obstacles such as mountains or trees could cause a disturbance or reduction in speed, but this is generally thought to affect only around 5-10% of customers.

Download Speeds up to 1.5Mbps!

This type of service generally come in many packages depending on your requirements as well as budget. The two-way satellite service equipment is installed at your residence, home office or small office by professionals. The equipment consists only of the satellite dish and satellite modem.

A maximum speed of 1.5 Mbps is offered by major broadband providers. The bottom-line is that with satellite Internet the customer gets plenty of choices on the packages and user-friendly plans. Time to upgrade from dial-up.