SCUF partners with Corsair on Limited gadgets like K65 MINI BYTE with unique Coca-Cola Theme

CORSAIR launched a gaming gadget from its SCUF Gaming brand in conjunction with Coca-Cola, including a K65 MINI BYTE.

A gaming gadget with a “pixel-like design” created in partnership with “Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte,” a limited-edition Metaverse product sold internationally by Coca-Cola. It will be available in select markets, including the United States, Latin America, and China. CORSAIR K65 MINI BYTE CORSAIR MM350 PRO BYTE “CORSAIR K65 MINI BYTE” is a collaborative gaming keyboard based on the “K65 RGB MINI” 60 percent size compact variant. It has an HHKB-style layout with a carefully determined number of keys, and the key switch has a CHERRY MX red axis. It has an AXON processor and has a super polling rate of up to 8,000Hz with a reaction time of 0.25ms.

The “CORSAIR MM350 PRO BYTE” is a gaming mouse pad based on the “MM350 PRO Extended XL” with a drip-proof layer. The high-density surface, which has been optimized for gaming mice, provides minimal resistance and smooth control. It has a massive size that also covers the keyboard, and its external measurements are 930 mm wide, 400 mm deep, and 4 mm thick.

The wireless controller “REFLEX PRO BYTE” is based on the high-performance gaming pad “REFLEX PRO” for PS5. It has four proprietary rear paddles that may be programmed to do up to 12 different tasks on the fly. It has a variable resistance adaptive trigger as well as a high-performance non-slip grip.

“H1 BYTE” is a Discord-certified gaming headset inspired by the “VIRTUOSO RGB Wireless.” It is a wired headset that differs from the standard model in that it has a 50mm neodymium driver, a broadcast quality high-definition microphone, an aluminum frame, and memory foam ear cushions.

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