Search Engine Optimization for Large Sites

Search Engine Optimization obviously is the task assigned to the marketing team, but while developing large sites for the organization, there are different teams that work to bring out the desired look-up of the website. The common problems that are faced for international marketing of the large sites using SEO are:

The team that develops the website does not work wholeheartedly with the marketing team, which has to achieve the goals of reaching to the global audience.

The audience for every country is different and often, marketing teams are different functioning for one particular country; and they in turn are unable to work in unison with the teams that are working for other countries.

The most complex and important one is the developing technologies used to make the website, and they differ greatly from one country to another. Marketing teams find it utterly difficult to handle different technologies within the same website.

Forging all the teams in one unit group is never easy and is almost impossible, and so, a comprehensive plan needs to be developed. You must make every team aware and well-versed in the requirements and standards that your marketing team needs to achieve for Search Engine Optimization. Let everybody do one’s own chunk, and then after the collection, you will need lesser amount of correction and editing!

Reaching a global audience

You need to address the specific needs for one particular region in order to generate leads for your products and services. It is obvious that searchers look for vendors that are local, so you need to develop websites in local language and liking! For this, reliance totally on international search engines won’t do, and you will also need to index and rank your website on local and regional search engines. You must understand the algorithm of these search engines comprehensively, and must be able to communicate it to your teams that are engaged in developing and marketing the site. Some points to look at are:

Developers must use the technologies that are country-specific, and the website must support the browsers used by a particular country.

The copywriters must incorporate the keywords, which have been determined to be the most-searched ones relating to your business. They should also try to add some local flavor in the language: hiring a native copywriter is another good option for this! Translating the text of your site from the parent language to the regional languages would not serve the purpose, as often the grammatical part of the translation is overlooked, and the meanings of the keywords are often changed. Pay proper attention to the keywords used by natives and then develop your content for those keywords in the regional language.

If possible, the URL or the domain name of the sites should not end with “.com”, every time. Search engines pay attention to the URLs that have specific endings for regional sites, and rank those sites higher.

It will be quite easier to achieve global ranking if your teams working on their own tasks, achieve these little standards that your marketing team can use to leverage your site, and potentially reduce their workload!

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