SEO – 5 Tips to Get Your Website Indexed by Search Engines

In order to rank high on search engines, first of all you need to allow search engines to find your website. Search engines use a program known as Spiders to locate new website. When spiders find your website, they will index your site and store it in their databases. However, for newer sites, sometimes it is hard to get indexed by them.

What many people do is to manually submit their sites to Google and Yahoo, and what I can tell you is that there is no need to do that. Let me share with you 5 tips to get your website indexed by search engines quickly:

1. Include a sitemap.xml file in your root directory. This xml file consists of the URLs of all pages on your site which will facilitate crawling of your website by spiders. Once you have uploaded it to your root directory, you should set up a Google Webmaster account and point the sitemap.xml to it.

2. Get rid of any roadblock that prevents spiders from reading the content of your site. If your website is a coded entirely on flash or frames, it is hard for spiders to crawl your website. If they do not crawl your website, your site will not be indexed and it will not appear on the organic listings of search engines.

3. Submit your site to social bookmarking platforms. The best way to get your site noticed by search engines is to let them typically stumble across it. One way is to submit your site to popular social bookmarking platforms like Digg, Reddit, and Spiders typically visit these sites multiple times in a single day. This is why if you bookmark your site, you stand a very high chance for it to be found and indexed.

4. Get a backlink from a website with high PageRank (PR). Getting a high PR backlink to your site definitely paves the way for successful indexing and possible good organic rankings on search engines. Directory linking and submission is one of my favorite ways to get backlinks. Target those directories with high PR and submit your website to them. Some of the popular directories such as Yahoo may require you to pay, which I think will be well worth the money.

5. Write articles and submit to popular article directories. Article marketing is a great way to get your site indexed by search engines, as well as generate good traffic to your website. Include a link to your site in your articles and submit them to popular article directories like EzineArticles and GoArticles. Spiders visit these directories often and once they crawl your article, they will follow the link in it and find your website.

Getting your site indexed by search engines is definitely a must in order to have good organic rankings for your site. So, try out the tips above and get your site indexed now!