SEO Maintenance – Don’t Let Your Old Content Go Stale

You can find a ton of articles about creating a new website and getting started with houston seo experts, but you won’t find as much coverage for maintaining your optimized site over time. You create content that is focused on well chosen keywords and which is packed with valuable information for your readers and post it to your site. What you do next could separate you from your competitors when it comes to the SERPs.

Most people don’t touch their content with time. This is especially true for blog posts and for main page content that is doing very well with the search engines. The thinking with blogs is that they need to remain archived as-is so others can look back and see what you have posted in the past. The thinking with content is that it shouldn’t be touched if it is doing well for the site.

Both of these lines of thinking are okay if you want to be average or moderately successful. They are not okay if you are out to be the best that you can possibly be. They are not okay if your goal is to pull in as much traffic as possible so you can make as much money as possible or earn as many loyal fans as possible.

Maintaining Old Blog Posts

If you use Google Analytics or another program that tells you what keywords and blog posts are drawing the most traffic, you should go back from time to time and look this information over. You are looking for the following information:

> Keywords that you did not directly target which are pulling in traffic.

> Specific posts which are doing very well with specific keywords.

> Posts that are not drawing in traffic for their targeted keywords.

This information will lead to some rather simple maintenance tasks that can improve your performance in the SERPs and pull in more blog fans.

Start by taking those words or terms that you have not directly targeted in your posts, but which seem to be drawing traffic on their own. Go back and edit the title of that post to include that search term and increase its density throughout the post as necessary. This is fast but can give you even more results from that already performing term.

Take the keywords from posts that are doing really well and put it on your to-do list to create more posts with those terms. You have established yourself as a good source for information on that term with the search engines, so putting up more content for that keyword now can give you multiple posts that do really well.

Take your keywords that are doing very well and those new terms that you have discovered by accident and use them to rewrite the posts that aren’t doing so well. Keep the general topic of those older posts, but put in some new keywords so they might do a bit better.

The Rest of Your Site

The content displayed on your website should always be kept fresh. Outdated content that does well keyword wise should be rewritten to include the keywords but with a fresh, more current approach. All statistics and data should be kept as up-to-date as possible.

You should constantly be on the lookout for new keywords. You can even use those keywords found to be successful on your blog in other areas of your website. Consider your keywords the road map to fresh content.