Set Up My Own Web Page in Four Easy To Follow Steps

If you ask the question how can I set up my own web page this article will help to show you how to do it successfully. Whenever I set up any of my own web pages I follow four simple steps. If you do the same you'll be able to have your own pages showing on the internet in a matter of minutes.

1. Obviously if you're thinking of having a web page then you must have something to put on that page. An article, pictures or story, whatever it is your thinking of putting online you have to save it in html format. This is the universal language of the Internet. All the pages you have ever come across, all the website are all written in the html format. So you need take your article, pictures or story and save them in the html. Once you have your content it's time to move on to step two.

2. In order to be able to see your content on the internet it has to be hosted. By this I mean using a web hosting company that saves your files (content) on their server. Then, whenever someone asked to look at that particular website by clicking on the link or typing it into their browser the company opens those files and the person is able to see the website. Choosing a hosting company is not expensive and you get excellent choice from as little as $ 5.00 per month. Once you've chosen your host let's move on to step three.

3 Now we have to pick a name for your web page. This is usually called a domain name. Your domain name can be absolutely anything you wish but if you it is usually connected to the content you have chosen. For instance you could choose a domain name of www. Set up my own web . If the extension is not available than you could always choose extension. You can even choose one that relates to your own particular country. Like .us For the United States or .uk for the United Kingdom. Choosing your name is not expensive and can cost as little as $ 1.00 for one years ownership.

4. So now we're getting close to having a page online. You've got your content, hosting company and the domain name so what we need to do now is to pull them altogether. To do this we use a program known as FTP (file transfer protocol). This sounds complicated but let me assure you nothing could be simpler. All this program does is upload your content (files) from your computer to your hosting company. They would have supplied you with the relevant log in details and in a matter seconds your content is uploaded.

So there you have it. When I set up my own web page that is the process I follow.

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