Surprise! You’re on Your Computer’s Camera

ORANGE, Calif., Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Let’s get the important stuff out of the way first:  The best part of working from home is staying in your pajamas all day; the worst is the possibility of a “wardrobe malfunction” during a Zoom meeting.  Beyond that, COVID-19 caught us all unaware of the lessons we would have to learn about working from home.  And with impending lockdowns on the horizon, and more school closings, many of us are going to spending even more time in our homes faster than we can say: “not again!”

The researchers at, a business product comparison site, have collected five of the biggest adjustments we’ve all had to make during the lockdowns.  While researchers analyzed data from heavy-hitting sources such as the University of Tennessee, The Mayo Clinic, and, they also relied on their own personal experiences. 

Many of these changes will be with us for the rest of our working lives.  For example: how will we adjust to a camera on in our homes for most of the day?  Or: how will we handle putting in a full workday in one room while our children are taking a math class 20 feet away?

The analysis is this list below, and the full report is available HERE:

The Top 5 Most Surprising Things You Didn’t Expect While WFH in a Pandemic
(and homeschooling):

1) Your Home is Under Surveillance – From Google Classroom cameras to your Zoom meetings, to Alexa listening in, now everyone knows what’s going on in your home.

2) You Would Not Pass 4th Grade Today – As adults, we are way more fluent in Google and Twitter algorithms than we are in 4th grade math.  As a result, we probably couldn’t pass 4th grade.

3) Your Kids Teachers Are Demigods – You knew it had to be tough being a teacher, but it was thankfully, their problem after you dropped your kids off for a 6-hour school day.  Now you get to see just what the teachers have to deal with – and on screen, it’s much tougher to get the attention of 30 kids. 

4) You Have a Weird New Attachment to Other Peoples’ Pets – It is now not at all unusual to see support birds, pigs and other once bizarre animals sitting next to kids and adults on-screen.

5) Your Family’s Eating Habits Have Changed Dramatically – Bye-bye to breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Hello all-day snacking.

“Our company has always relied exclusively on remote work,” says Julie Titterington, Editor-in-Chief, “Even so, many of us found ourselves struggling to rethink our work routine during the lockdowns because our kids were suddenly in the mix.  It’s been a hard adjustment at times, but I think it’s clear that this pandemic will change the way people balance their work and private lives for years to come.”


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