How visual content can give a boost to your SEO and how to take advantage

30-second summary:

  • Visual content offers a ton of value for your website.
  • It can boost critical statistics such as time on page.
  • Visuals guide the reader through your content more smoothly.
  • They make your content more consumable and increase sharing.
  • Google loves images that are optimized for search.
  • Read on to learn more about how adding optimized images to your site can boost your search visits from your target audience.
  • See examples of how companies are successfully incorporating visual content into their marketing and websites.

It’s no secret that visual content is hot right now (queue the Zoolander references). You know content formats like video, infographics, GIFs, memes, and more should be a part of your content strategy, but did you know these also impact your site’s SEO?

How does visual content impact SEO?

There is so much value to adding visual content on your website. While your written content

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How The Most Creative Brands Use Live-Streaming Video To Their Advantage

We live in a time when customers crave a more personal connection with the brands and influencers they follow. They want more than just a product. They want an experience — which is probably why AdWeek reports that 70 percent of consumers who “feel a connection to a brand” will typically spend twice as much as average customers.

Thanks to our increasingly digital-centric society, forming those connections is easier than ever — as long as you know how to take advantage of the technology available to your brand.

One of the most successful tools being used by today’s top creative brands is live-streaming video. Understanding why live streams matter, as well as how to use it, could be key to your future brand growth.

The Appeal Of Online Video

When it comes to digital

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QCI’s Mukai Delivers Simplified Access to D-Wave’s New Advantage Quantum Computer

LEESBURG, Va., Nov. 2, 2020 — Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI), a technology leader in quantum-ready applications and tools, and public pure play in quantum computing, now offers simplified access to D-Wave’s new Advantage quantum computer (QC) via its industry-leading Mukai quantum software development and execution platform.

D-Wave announced that Advantage has more than doubled the qubit count over its predecessor, the 2000Q, to more than 5,000 qubits, and provides 2.5 times more connectivity between qubits. As the quantum world’s equivalent of the classical integrated circuit, a qubit can be potentially more powerful for certain high-level business applications than the integrated circuit, since it involves controlling and manipulating nature’s smallest objects — single atoms and photons, rather than electronic switches — to create on/off states that process information.

Advantage’s greater connectivity among twice the number of qubits is expected to allow the execution of larger and more complex quantum computer programs.

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