Low Computer Unemployment Rate Could Affect H-1B Visa Court Cases

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show the unemployment rate in computer occupations is back where it was before the start of the coronavirus pandemic. An earlier court ruling found the Trump administration’s arguments lacking when it cited unemployment data to justify new restrictions on H-1B visas. The latest statistics will make it more difficult for the administration to justify emergency regulations published in October on H-1B visas. This follows a judge’s order issued this week to ensure Trump administration compliance with a preliminary injunction granted last month to business groups on employment visas.

“In a return to pre-pandemic levels, the unemployment rate for individuals in computer

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Fact-check: Michigan software ‘glitch’ didn’t affect vote totals

Republicans claimed a ‘glitch’ on software used across Michigan gave Biden additional votes, but the state said it was human error that did not affect totals.

In Michigan, an error in the unofficial election results reported in one county led to allegations that votes were misallocated to Democratic candidate Joe Biden instead to President Trump.   

In a press conference on Nov. 6, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel echoed these claims. 

“There was a major software issue in Antrim County that we have concerns could have had problems in other counties as well,” she said. 


Did a “major software issue” cause the statewide election results to be affected in Michigan? 

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