What is an Air-gapped computer? Can you break into one?

An Air-gapped computer is usually a computer that is completely isolated and disconnected from the Internet and other computers. It does not form part of any other network that may or may not be connected to a WAN or Internet for security purposes. This post talks about the air-gapped computer and its use. We’ll also check out the probability of an air-gapped computer getting hacked.

air gapped computer

What is an Air-gapped computer?

An air-gapped computer is a computer that is used to safeguard critical data and protect it from hackers and malware. It is a computer system that is not connected to any other computer. It is never online as it has no Internet connection to remove the possibility of it ever getting hacked or infected.

In air-gapped computers, the objective is to keep custom apps (programs) and data safe. Since there is a possibility of malware propagating through Flash drives, they

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