Four Gadgets To Take Your Meals From Amateur To Pro

Congratulations fellow millennials, we’re old now! Unfortunately, that also means we now need to host extended family dinners in our tiny, tiny kitchens. But never fear, the wonders of modern technology mean we don’t need as many appliances to get the same result as our parents did, and we can probably do it faster and more efficiently. Here are four cooking gadgets that will help make things run smoothly.

If you live somewhere without an oven that’s in good working order, and can’t or don’t want to pay to replace it, this is such a great option. Especially if you don’t normally need to cook for a lot of people at once and might need to move it to your next rental.

This gadget, which is just a bit bigger than a large microwave, bakes, grills, roasts, slow cooks, reheats, toasts and air fries. It even has a special mode

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