SD Times news digest: Software Tree’s microservices framework, the Chaos compiler, and a Kotlin Android extensions update

Data integration company Software Tree introduced Gilhari, a microservices framework designed to simplify JSON persistence in relational databases. 

According to the company, developers can quickly develop high-performance, database-agnostic, and Docker-compatible RESTful solutions that need to interact with JSON data.

“Developers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to adapt to modern computing trends,” said Damodar Periwal, the founder and president & CEO of Software Tree. “Gilhari moves in Docker containers. Gilhari talks REST. Gilhari helps developers glide smoothly into the promised land of the microservices-based application architecture while leveraging trusted relational databases for exchanging JSON data.”

The Chaos compiler v0.1.0 released
The Chaos language team announced a new compiler implemented in the compiler.c module. It takes the Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) that is built by the parser as input and spits out the C code. 

Chaos programs are compiled against the language’s source. It packs the Chaos runtime into the compiled

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Sling TV Black Friday deals: Free Android TV streamer or free month of service

Sling Blue Orange 2020

Sarah Tew/CNET

This story is part of Holiday Gift Guide 2020, CNET’s gift picks with expert advice, reviews and recommendations for the latest tech gifts for you and your family.

One of CNET’s favorite live TV streaming services for cord-cutters, Sling TV, has busted out its Black Friday promotions. The two deals, available to new customers only, are a free month of service or a free Android TV streaming device.

Here’s the details:

  • New customers who sign up for one month of Sling Orange and/or Sling Blue ($30) or Best of Spanish TV will receive their second month of service for free.
  • Alternatively, new customers who prepay for one month of Sling Orange and/or Blue can get the AirTV Mini Android TV streamer for free (an $80 value). I haven’t reviewed the AirTV Mini, but it appears to be similar to both the TVision Hub and the TiVo
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Android users running “this” version advised to change their phones to browse internet smoothly

a hand holding a cellphone: The remaining 33.8 per cent of Android devices will start getting certificate errors whenever a user visits sites that have a Let's Encrypt certificate.

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The remaining 33.8 per cent of Android devices will start getting certificate errors whenever a user visits sites that have a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

Android users still having the 7.1 or the older version will have to upgrade their software/phones. If not done, those using the older versions will not be able to browse the internet smoothly on phones. As the partnership of certificate authority “Let’s Encrypt” with the Certificate Authority IdenTrust is going to expire on September 1, 2021, there will be compatibility issues. It is to note that, launched 5 years ago, Let’s Encrypt has been relying on the IdenTrust partnership for cross signature.

According to media reports, there are no plans to renew the partnership. Now this will impact people on older Android versions as they will not be able to access any secure websites. This implies that if the device

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Older Android Phones Won’t Support Many Secure Websites in 2021

Illustration for article titled Older Android Phones Will Be Cut Off From a Large Chunk of the Web in 2021

Photo: Olivier Douliery (Getty Images)

If you’re doomscrolling through your newsfeeds on an older Android phone, it might be time for an upgrade. One of the world’s top certificate authorities warns that phones running versions of Android prior to 7.1.1 Nougat will be cut off from large portions of the secure web starting in 2021, Android Police reported Saturday.

The Mozilla-partnered nonprofit Let’s Encrypt said that its partnership with fellow certificate authority IdenTrust will expire on Sept. 1, 2021. Since it has no plans to renew its cross-signing agreement, Let’s Encrypt plans to stop default cross-signing for IdenTrust’s root certificate, DST Root X3, beginning on Jan. 11 as the organization switches over to solely using its own ISRG Root X1 root.

It’s a pretty significant shift considering that as much as one-third of all web domains rely on the organization’s certificates. But since older software won’t trust

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How I changed the way I charge my iPhone and Android smartphones to reduce battery wear

If there’s one thing that rechargeable batteries do not like, that’s getting hot. According to Apple, iDevices are good operating in a range of 0º and 35º C (32º to 95º F), and the company warns that using its devices “in very hot conditions can permanently shorten battery life.”

I’m quite fortunate that I live in quite a mild to cold climate here in the wilds of Wales, but I have noticed that I put my iPhone through thermal stresses several times a day.

And that’s when I’m charging it.

Must read: iOS 14.1 rolling out to iPhones, but no sign of a battery fix

I’ve been keeping an eye on how devices recharge — especially iPhones — for some time, and that’s allowed me to build up some patterns, even how the temperature fluctuates.

Here’s what I’ve noticed.

The faster the charge, the more heat is generated, and wireless

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PlayStation App For iOS, Android Redesigned Ahead Of PlayStation 5 Launch


  • Cleaner user interface and better organization are some of the benefits of the redesigned PS App
  • PS5 games can be remotely launched while storage on the console is managed via the app
  • The PS Messages app will be integrated with the PS App to streamline communications

The PlayStation App has been redesigned by Sony in anticipation of the launch of the PlayStation 5 in a little over two weeks.

The all-new design of the PlayStation App for iOS and Android features voice chat and native PS Store integration along with a smoother experience, the PlayStation Blog revealed.

A list of new features for the PlayStation 5 was mentioned as well, including the ability to remotely launch games, manage storage on the console if space runs low while a game is being downloaded, and the ability to sign in to the PS5 directly from the PS App.

The previous

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Google pulls popular Android apps that collected kids’ device data

It’s not always easy for app creators to avoid violating kids’ privacy, and a few of those developers are learning this first-hand. TechCrunch reports that Google has removed Princess Salon, Number Coloring and Cats & Cosplay, Android apps with a combined 20 million Play Store downloads, after the International Digital Accountability Council (IDAC) found they were violating Google’s data collection policies. It wasn’t the app-specific code that led to the takedowns, though — rather, it was the frameworks that powered them.

The apps used versions of Unity, Appodeal and Umeng whose developer kit versions reportedly collected Android ID and Android Advertising ID (AAID) info. If an app sends the AAID alongside other persistent data, including the Android ID, it’s possible to violate Google’s privacy protections and track users, a major issue for apps aimed at pre-teen audiences.

IDAC president Quentin Palfrey didn’t say if the council could gauge

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PS5 DualSense unboxing reveals Android and PC support

You might have seen that many journalists have just received PlayStation 5 units for review, but today we also got our closest look yet at the PS5’s new DualSense controller thanks to an unboxing video from YouTuber Austin Evans.

We already knew that the DualSense has some familiar PlayStation hallmarks — a D-pad and four face buttons on the top half, two analog sticks on the bottom half, four triggers, and, like the PS4’s DualShock 4, a touchpad in the middle — and Evan’s video gives a good look at all of those features and the controller’s new design.


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But Evans didn’t use the controller with a PS5, so we don’t get to see things like the DualSense’s new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in action. And despite the DualSense’s box only listing compatibility with the PS5, though, Evans did manage to connect the controller with a

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Quibi apps arrive on Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV

Quibi, the troubled streaming service focused on “quick bites” of mobile-first content, has just launched apps for Apple TV, Android TV and Fire TV. The company quietly announced the change in an updated support article.

These apps follow Quibi’s ongoing attempts to get more eyes on its content after launching as a mobile-only app. The company first made content more shareable in May, and followed that soon after with AirPlay and Chromecast support.

Unfortunately for Quibi, these changes to the initial mobile-first strategy may have come too late. A new report in The Information claims that co-founder Jeffrey Katzenberg has attempted to sell Quibi’s programming to Facebook and NBCUniversal while telling others he may have to shut down the company entirely.

Quibi has struggled to scale since its launch, dealing with a lackluster reaction to its first collection of content and a drop

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