Software Companies to Buy That Aren’t Splunk

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4 gadgets you should be cleaning … but you probably aren’t

By Nneka Jonas Time of article published2h ago

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Do you ever think about how often you press your smartphone, plug in your headphones, or grab your laptop or tablet? If you do, you will probably realise these essential techie items gather grime and germs all day, every day.

Research has varied about how many germs are crawling on an average cell phone. However, recent research from tech company Kastus found smartphones carried a staggering 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

To get rid of germs and bacteria on your tech, follow these simple guidelines:

Smartphone and tablets

Don’t use cleaning fluids such as a window cleaning spray as this may damage any oleophobic coating on the screen that prevents fingerprints from showing up. Rather use a dry microfibre cloth to remove and retain dirt.

Wipe your screen in a circular motion

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QAnon proves internet companies aren’t up to the task of defending democracy

As the electoral drama unfolded on the evening of November 3, the nation held its breath. Civil society groups prepared for turmoil, journalists for rapid response and tech companies to stem the spread of disinformation.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd: QAnon proves internet companies aren't up to the task of defending democracy

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QAnon proves internet companies aren’t up to the task of defending democracy

In the early hours of the morning, the networked factions that back President Donald Trump – disparate groups united by their support of the president – applauded his premature declaration of victory. Some turned to conspiracy theorists, operating in hives online, to make sense of the unfolding turmoil. Then they amplified the misinformation created in these spaces.

One group associated with such conspiracy theories is QAnon, which has contributed to the spread of misinformation in the 2020 election. The QAnon movement is centered around an individual (or group), referred to as Q, who claims to be part of a

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These software bugs are years old. But businesses still aren’t patching them

Almost two thirds of vulnerabilities on enterprise networks involve flaws which are over two years old which have not been patched, despite fixes being available. This lack of patching is putting businesses at risk of attacks which could often be easily avoided if security updates were applied.

Analysis by Bitdefender found that 64 percent of all reported unpatched vulnerabilities during the first half of 2020 involve known bugs dating from 2018 and previous years, which means organisations are at risk from flaws that somebody should have fixed a long time ago.

“The vast majority of organizations still have unpatched vulnerabilities that were identified anywhere between 2002 and 2018,” the report said.

Applying patches can be time-consuming, tedious and unrewarding work. But for cyber criminals, unpatched vulnerabilities provide a simple way to deploy cyber attacks and malware. But while businesses and users are encouraged to apply security patches to operating systems

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House Committee Finds 500K Homeowners Aren’t Getting Mortgage Relief, Calls Out Government Inaction

A housing crisis is brewing that can be solved pretty quickly, according to housing policy experts, but so far has been largely ignored by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). FHFA is the agency that regulates the government-sponsored entities Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which support 70% of the nation’s mortgage borrowing.

Many homeowners who are eligible for forbearance under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, are not getting relief and could be facing imminent foreclosure. In June, 430,321 eligible homeowners were delinquent with their mortgage payments, but were not in forbearance. Fannie and Freddie, however, say the vast majority of eligible homeowners have enrolled in forbearance.

Under forbearance, homeowners could postpone monthly mortgage payments for up to one year. Among potential repayment options, loan servicers could tack on the missed payments to the end of the loan, which would be

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Stereotypes About Website Design That Aren’t Always True

Technologies are becomes more advanced and businesses goes to live on technologies. Many clients who are not aware of website design technologies but heard so many things about websites and their technologies used to develop. Because of heard things, they collect some knowledge about website design they made some perceptions or stereotypes which is not true at all. It’s a matter of facts that People who does not belongs to the community whatever it is have made some Stereotypes based on facts that is irrelevant and most of them is false. While few things they saw or listen may be correct at that time in some specific conditions.

Here we list out some most common stereotypes really encountered with our customers and from people around us:

• A Website designer is a Programmer – It is the most common stereotypes of people from our surroundings they think that website designer … Read More