Soviet Spy Gadgets To Go On Sale Include Deadly (But Kind Of Awesome) Assassination Tools

Most spy work is nothing like it appears in the movies. 

“No, we don’t all get an Aston Martin or a speedboat or any other funky form of transport,” one MI6 operative told the BBC, revealing the real glamour the job involves. “You’ll more often see us on a bus or a tube than anything like that.”

However, there is one part that is a bit like the films

“We do actually have a Q. Q is actually a real thing,” another spy said in reference to the head of research and development division that gives James Bond his ridiculous gadgets. “We have some brilliant technologists that supply us with all kinds of gadgets that we use. Only our stuff is better than Bond’s.”

Spy gadgets are a real thing, apparently, and you could own your own Cold War-era weapons and spyware, as a lot of them are being put

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