How to Attribute Your Company’s Revenue Growth to Your SEO Efforts

SEO stops being a problem of how little companies can get away with spending and becomes an opportunity where the investment gets a clear ROI. Life is made easier for digital teams, as SEO specialists automate the long-tail of SEO, delivering an uplift to the overall business.

In this article, you will learn some ways to measure the ROI for SEO. There’s a manual approach and a scalable approach. Either way, you can start getting clarity, and pave the way for unlocking budgets and revenues.

Method 1: Calculating the Value of Non-Brand Conversions 

As Moz points out in their article the true measure of the value of SEO excludes traffic from “Brand keywords.” Brand keywords mean any search including your website or company brand.

For example, if you’re a fan of TOMS shoes, you would google “Toms shoes.” That’s a Brand search.

Normally, these make up most of any website’s

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Park Seo Joon Shares His Secret To Maintaining Good Relationships, His Best Attribute, And More

Park Seo Joon has graced the cover of ELLE’s November issue!

This is his first photo shoot after becoming a Chanel Beauty ambassador and he managed to take on the given concepts flawlessly. The pictorial focused on capturing the actor’s strong yet delicate features.

The interview following the photo shoot focused on how Park Seo Joon is doing after starting filming for the movie “Dream.” When asked about how he has become a representative “healthy young adult” due to his past works, especially “Itaewon Class,” he said, “Each moment that I am given to live is important. I think I’m still living out my youth because I have a dream for myself, and I have a lot coming up in the future.”

When asked about his best attribute, he replied, “Questions like these are the hardest to answer. I’m a person that wants to keep my acting as well as

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