YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley calls Elon Musk part of ‘axis of ego’

  • YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley mad a sarcastic jab at Elon Musk this week, sparking an immediate response from Musk. 
  • “The axis of ego @realDonaldTrump @kanyewest @elonmusk is pretty quiet tonight,” Hurley tweeted early Thursday morning. 
  • Musk immediately responded, telling Hurley to “stop being a chad,” an internet slang term used primarily by the involuntary celibate community to describe attractive men who are successful with women. 
  • Hurley said in follow-up tweets that he was being sarcastic and that it’s “so easy to troll fanboys,” likely referring to Musk’s legion of diehard fans. 
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YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley made a jab at Elon Musk this week when he tweeted that Musk is part of the “axis of ego.” 

Hurley, who founded YouTube along with Steve Chen in 2005, posted about Musk early Thursday morning, likening him to President Donald Trump and Kanye West. 

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