95% of 2020 Ballots Were Paper

Chris Krebs, the former director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), spoke to 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley about the recent election, and explained how the widespread use of paper ballot records gave him great faith in the election’s integrity.

Krebs was famously fired by President Donald Trump over Twitter for the unforgivable sin of releasing a report calling the 2020 election the “most secure in American history.”

Krebs, a lifelong Republican, joined the Department of Homeland Security in 2017, and Trump appointed him to lead the newly-created agency CISA in 2018.

Krebs told Pelley that part of his job entailed “gaming out every possible scenario for how a foreign actor could interfere with an election,” and they had worked through “countless, countless scenarios.”

One of the major priorities for Krebs was encouraging the increased use of paper ballots.

“Paper ballots give you the ability to audit, to

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Wisconsin GOP Official Suggests Absentee Ballots From State’s Official Website Are Invalid

Bickering between Democrat and Republican election officials in Wisconsin has marred discussions on how to conduct a recount that the campaign of President Donald Trump paid $3 million for.

Trump sought the recount in Dane and Milwaukee counties, citing—without evidence—that there had been irregularities after he lost the state by about 20,600 votes to President-elect Joe Biden.

The six-strong Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC), which is split evenly along party lines, clashed during a meeting in Madison over changes to its manual, which gives guidance to officials over how the recount is conducted and how it should be aligned with state law.

They also disagreed over issues such as what to do with absentee ballots that were illegally issued and even where observers should stand. In the end, the group decided not to reference the manual but updated some parts of it to take the coronavirus pandemic into account, The Associated

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Cumberland County to share mail-in ballots count progress on website

Cumberland County officials will update the county’s progress on counting mail-in ballots daily, with the first update expected Wednesday evening.

“Things are going very well,” county spokeswoman Samantha Krepps said Wednesday afternoon. “We have about 15 to 20 sworn-in county employees counting the ballots.”

As of Election Day at 8 p.m., voters returned 53,172 mail-in ballots, Krepps said. She said there will be more ballots expected to be returned in the mail, postmarked no later than Nov. 3, throughout the rest of the week, including military ballots.

“Our mission is to make sure all ballots are counted accurately,” she said. “We’re not trying to count them as quickly as possible. We want them to be accurate. The team here is doing a fantastic job.”

The jump-off, as to when workers will stop counting, is undetermined but an update is expected tonight from the initial count that began earlier today, Krepps

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Private website wrongly listed Washington ballots as rejected

OLYMPIA – A private website designed to give Washington voters information about the status of their ballots was incorrectly saying that many had been rejected.

County and state elections offices were flooded with calls from angry voters, some of whom wanted to know why their personal information was showing up online.

Fearing a disinformation effort, Secretary of State Kim Wyman said state and federal officials met with the owners of the website, votewashington.info, and discovered it was actually inadvertent misinformation.

Callers were confusing the website with the state’s own VoteWA.gov.

The website operators were using public information, but misinterpreting state data on the status of ballots that have been received in each county by not understanding the codes those offices use for ballots that are set aside for review.

“We were concerned when we saw the site,” Wyman said. “The public was very alarmed. Some asked, ‘Why is my personal

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Va. elections website let hundreds of voters request mail-in ballots after deadline, but they won’t get them

Virginia did not turn off the citizen portal that allows registered voters to request ballots for the next election. At last count, 853 voters in Fairfax County requested absentee ballots after the Oct. 23 deadline.

Hundreds of voters in Fairfax County expecting a mail-in ballot won’t get it in time. That’s because the Virginia Department of Elections website is still allowing voters to request a mail-in ballot well past the deadline.

At last count, 853 voters in Fairfax County requested they be sent a mail-in ballot after the deadline passed on 5 p.m. last Friday, elections Director Gary Scott said.

It’s a statewide issue that Scott said other registrars are concerned about. He said the state did not turn off the citizen portal that allows registered voters to request ballots for the next election.

After the deadline passed to get a mail-in ballot for the general election on Nov. 3,

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