Whole Foods no longer barring Canada employees from wearing poppies

  • Whole Foods is now allowing employees in Canada to wear poppies, a symbol of veteran remembrance and the end of World War I, after initially banning it as part of a new dress code. 
  • The Amazon-owned grocery chain relented after nationwide criticism and calls from politicians to change the policy. 
  • Workers told CBC that wearing the poppy would be viewed as supporting a particular cause, in the eyes of the company.
  • Whole Foods recently updated its dress code in the US in an attempt to standardize employee uniforms in a shift away from its historically relaxed policy.  
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Canadians are declaring victory after Whole Foods reversed course on a policy that barred employees from wearing a popular remembrance symbol for veterans during an upcoming holiday. 

The Amazon-owned grocer’s dress code sparked nationwide controversy in Canada as it prohibited employees from wearing poppies on Remembrance

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