These 10 Beauty Gadgets Actually Make Your Skin Glow

At some point in the past few years, skincare got very technical. Arguably, it started with Clarisonic’s innovative cleaning brush just over a decade ago in 2009, but even then, it was only diehard beauty fans who invested. Today, while we might all be up on our vitamin C and hyaluronic acids, when it comes to gadgets, we’re not all there. At the beginning of 2020, however, the Business of Fashion reported that plenty of huge beauty brands were getting in on the tech scene. Then, the pandemic hit, and while in recessions lipstick sales notoriously go up, this time it was skincare that had the boost, not makeup, which provided a perfect storm for people to invest in skincare gadgets.

According to CurrentBody, an online beauty retailer for skincare products, gadgets are one of the “fastest-growing trends in the world of beauty,” and bathrooms are becoming increasingly more futuristic.

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Rebecca Ferguson launches beauty website

Rebecca Ferguson holding a sign posing for the camera

© Bang Showbiz
Rebecca Ferguson

Rebecca Ferguson has launched a beauty website named Equal Skin.

The 34-year-old singer has revealed she started her new website whilst in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic, and now wants to use it to share her “beauty and skincare tips” with the world.

In a post on Twitter, she wrote: “I decided to create A beauty and lifestyle blog /website whilst in lockdown, I will be posting some videos from my home during lockdown sharing all of my beauty and skincare tips! click subscribe when you go to (sic)”

The news comes after Rebecca claimed in 2019 she “would not tell anybody” if she ever chose to go under the knife for a cosmetic procedure.

She said: “I wouldn’t tell, probably because I’m in the public eye to be honest. I’d tell friends and family but I feel like people get judged by it

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Check out what’s inside Park Seo Joon’s new beauty kit

Check out what’s inside Park Seo Joon’s new beauty kit

Surprises await, including something very personal from PSJ and BYS cosmetics

Just when you thought that Korean actor Park Seo Joon (PSJ) can’t get any cuter, he manages to steal our hearts again with his beauty line under BYS Cosmetics Philippines. Early in October, the beauty brand introduced the K-drama star as its newest endorser—to encourage women to be “extra in the ordinary.” 

BYS and PSJ have put together the little extras to make the P6999 kit worth the purchase. Available on counters on Nov. 10, the brand will release a cream cushion that comes with a V-Puff, a sponge that enables high adhesion and long-lasting coverage.

The kit will also feature a primer made with hydrating pearls, a hypoallergenic face palette, and an eight-piece eyeshadow

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How Technology is Revolutionizing Beauty Ecommerce

The current crisis has changed consumer behavior and expectations immensely. Since the lockdown started, personal safety and hygiene have emerged as a top concern. Consumers are scared of visiting crowded marketplaces and in some instances, have postponed purchases. One area that has seen unprecedented growth across multiple facets is online sales. From grocery buying to banking, consumers are meeting most of their needs online.

To be a part of this movement, the beauty industry needs to innovate and offer an experience at par with what brick-and-mortar stores do. Major ecommerce beauty brands have leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) to build assessment, comparison and testing tools to assist in finding beauty products online. We can learn from some of these case studies.

1. Augmented reality is being used to visualize cosmetic products

With customers shying away from brick-and-mortar stores and shifting online, brands should move to virtual try-on

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How Does a Beauty Parlour Benefit by Buying a Salon Billing Software

When a client walks into a spa or salon all they see is the gleaming lights and tools of the trade. They are rarely, if ever, aware of all the little and big tasks that need to be completed to operate the parlour smoothly. A manager or an owner is cognizant of them, and there is no better way to improve the processes than investing in reliable spa software. Let’s take a look how they help.

The Advantages of a Salon Management Software

A robust salon software augments the efficiency of the business and therefore the profitability. For example, the booking process is automatic, more natural and quicker which enhances the experience of a customer and increases the chances of their returning. The software is also capable of automated follow up which again increases the probability of a patron staying loyal. All of this leads to more funds for the … Read More

Beauty Salon Software

Often, running a beauty salon efficiently can be tedious. With so much paperwork required, the work can get chaotic and unruly. Hence, to conduct the day-to-day business of beauty salons, beauty salon software is available in the market. Such software is a wonder, almost a blessing to all beauty salon software owners.

Some of highly competent and excellent beauty salon software includes the following: Salon Assistant by Salon Tec; SalonPro Software for Windows; Beauty Salon Software Salon Tec; SalonPro Software for Windows; Beauty Salon Software by World Class Software and many others.

‘Inventory systems’; ‘service support’; ‘client history’; ‘multiple users’; ‘bar code support’; ‘point of sale’; ‘appointment booking’; ‘sales tax report’; ’employee information’; ‘and much, much more are offered by the aforementioned different types of beauty salon software.

Normally beauty salon software is extremely user-friendly and requires little or very little instructions. Besides, most of the software companies have help … Read More