BellSoft Kicks Off Bundled Offer with Karakun for Better Software Security and Simpler Migration

DORTMUND, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov 11, 2020–

BellSoft, one of the top-5 OpenJDK contributors, and Karakun AG, a software engineering company that specializes in the development of custom solutions and maintainer of OpenWebStart, an open source re-implementation of the Java Web Start technology, have recently announced a new partnership. BellSoft and Karakun collaborate to provide a safe path from Oracle Java to open source solutions.

With their high expertise, both companies can offer the market, which has seen a shift towards free and supported OpenJDK-based deployments, a new product: Liberica JDK with OpenWebStart, a multifaceted and, most importantly, reliable alternative to Oracle JDK with simple migration services and minimal risk.

Security risks to data storage are a major problem for the IT industry. In line with this, both BellSoft and Karakun focus on software security, put great emphasis on the ease of switching, and ensure that their products are exceptionally reliable.


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