Microsoft Surface Laptop Go review: price, specs, benchmarks

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
Enlarge / The Surface Laptop Go is made for those who want a smaller and more affordable Surface PC.

Jeff Dunn

What is the point of a Surface device? The latest model in Microsoft’s line of Windows PCs, the Surface Laptop Go, forces buyers to confront why they want a Surface machine in the first place.

Much like the Surface Go series of two-in-one tablets, the Surface Laptop Go aims for the mainstream side of the market, with a starting price of $550. However, it does so with a more traditional clamshell design.

For that amount, the Surface Laptop Go still provides most of Microsoft’s signatures: an attractive design, high build quality, a comfortable keyboard and trackpad, a display with a taller 3:2 aspect ratio, the proprietary Surface Connect port, and so on.

But with any savings comes compromise, and the Surface Laptop Go’s trade-offs are not insignificant—especially if you

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