BioWare confirms it is making a new Mass Effect game

BioWare announced that it is making a new Mass Effect game in a surprise for N7 day, or November 7, the official holiday of the game series.

The announcement was made by Casey Hudson, longtime shepherd of the game series, and he said it involves a veteran team working on the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe. The game is in its early stages and the company released only one screenshot.

Meanwhile, the company is working on the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb got the scoop on a while back. This is a remaster of the original series, which is so old now that it’s considered retro. That project has been at work for many months, and the team has been at work updating the textures, shaders, models, effects another details for a modern experience. It will include all of the single-player content and downloadable content

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