Bizarre ‘mop socks’ divide the internet

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Bizarre ‘mop socks’ that can be worn to clean floors have divided the internet, with some rushing to buy them while others have branded them ‘just plain weird’.

They have soft bristles stitched onto the soles that buff away marks as you walk.

The ‘Lazy Housekeeper Slippers’, which can be ordered in blue, pink, green and orange for $6.95 from Catch Australia, can be machine washed between uses and don’t leave footprints on freshly washed floors like other shoes do.

People have been debating about the unusual accessory since a mother posted photos in a Facebook cleaning group, raving about how much she loves them.

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These bizarre 'mop socks' have divided the internet

© Provided by Daily Mail
These bizarre ‘mop socks’ have divided the internet

‘Mop socks! Love these when doing my floors,’ she wrote in the caption.

‘No foot prints and I can get stubborn

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