Chicago launching website to make it easier to support Black-owned businesses on Black Friday

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CHICAGO — The City of Chicago is launching a new website to make it easier to support local Black-owned businesses this coming Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Under the Black Shop Friday initiative announced by the City Tuesday, a website set to launch on November 24 will offer a guide to more than 500 black-owned businesses in Chicago, according to a statement.

This website will allow customers to search its listings by category and neighborhood to find gifts for the holiday season. A marketing campaign will also encourage people to shop local this Black Friday.

According to the City, Black Shop Friday is an effort to address the racial wealth gap by supporting Black-owned businesses which have less sales and fewer employees than other businesses in Illinois,

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Uber Eats Accused Of Racial Bias Over Policy Allowing Free Delivery For Black-Owned Restaurants


  • Uber Eats received more than 8,500 demands for arbitration over the policy
  • Proud to support black-owned businesses with this initiative: Uber
  • Small or mid-sized, independent Black-owned restaurants qualify for Uber’s scheme

Restaurant owners are accusing Uber Eats of discrimination after the company waived delivery fees for some restaurants owned by Black people, TechCrunch reported.

Uber Eats has received more than 8,500 demands for arbitration over the policy from owners of other restaurants,  who are accusing the company of replacing a just system with one that is a racially biased one. One of the complaints, according to the report, accuses Uber Eats of violating the Unruh Civil Rights Act, a law in California that protects businesses from discrimination on the basis of factors that include race.

After the killing of George Floyd in May, the company, in a bid to support the community, waived delivery fees from independent Black-owned

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