Research team develops software that cuts time, cost from gene sequencing

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A team of Johns Hopkins University researchers has developed a new software that could revolutionize how DNA is sequenced, making it far faster and less expensive to map anything from yeast genomes to cancer genes.

The software, detailed in a paper published in Nature Biotechnology, can be used with portable sequencing devices to accelerate the ability to conduct genetic tests and deliver diagnoses outside of labs. The new technology targets, collects and sequences specific genes without sample preparation and without having to map surrounding genetic material like standard methods require.

“I think this will forever change how DNA sequencing is done,” said Michael C. Schatz, a Bloomberg Distinguished Associate Professor of Computer Science and Biology and senior author of the paper.

The new process shrinks the time it takes to profile gene mutations, from 15 days or more to just three. That allows scientists to understand

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The Cost of Creating and Launching a Business Website

To make your mark online, you need to create a business website. Your website will be most people’s first interaction with your brand, and the quality of your website can mean the difference between getting a new customer and losing them to a competitor. While it may sound difficult and expensive to start a business site from scratch, there are options for all budgets and levels of expertise.

What are the basic website building costs?

It’s difficult to estimate how much your small business’s website will cost from the outset. Numerous factors, at multiple stages in the process, can affect the final price. For example, the hosting company you use may charge differently based on how big and successful your site becomes. Website designs and premade themes can cost upward of $100, while the actual construction of your site could end up costing $4,000 or more, depending on the features

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Global Computer Repair Shop Software Market 2020 Business Growth Rate, Manufacturing Analysis, Size, Share, Cost Structure and Forecast to 2025

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Nov 24, 2020 (CDN Newswire via Comtex) —
Global Computer Repair Shop Software Market 2020 by Company, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2025 offers a clear view of the current proceeding within the market. The report analyzes the key factors impacting the growth of the global Computer Repair Shop Software market. The report thoroughly studies and evaluates various aspects, such as production chain, manufacturing capacity, and industry policies affecting the global market. The report analyzes the competitive landscape of this market and examined geographical distribution. It also focuses on current trends, growth opportunities, and restraining factors. This report has also been taken into consideration while estimating the market’s future scenario for 2020 to 2025 time period.

Further, the report measures strategies that can drive the growth of the market are highlighted along with the expected growth

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Australian woman horrified when her Kmart shop cost $94,369 thanks to a simple computer glitch

By Claudia Poposki For Daily Mail Australia

11:04 24 Nov 2020, updated 11:04 24 Nov 2020

  • An Australian woman purchased a $19 50-piece utensil set from Kmart
  • The self-serve checkout said the utensil set, which included knives, cost $94K
  • Other social medias were left stunned at what had happened to the shopper

A woman has been left horrified after her Kmart shop came to $94,369 when the self-serve checkout she was using experienced a glitch.

The Australian woman was purchasing a 50-piece utensil set, which included knives, a chopping board and a spatula.

The item typically retails for just $19.

A woman has been left horrified after her Kmart shop left her $94,369 when the self-serve checkout she was using experienced a glitch (stock image)
The Australian woman was purchasing a 50-piece utensil set, which included knives, a chopping board and a spatula, which the checkout said cost $94,150


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SpaceX may sell Starlink satellite-internet dishes far below cost

  • SpaceX is charging $99 a month to test users of Starlink, the aerospace company’s new satellite-internet service, plus a $499 starter kit.
  • The starter kit contains a user terminal to talk to Starlink spacecraft, and key to its seamless operation is a phased-array antenna — an electronic component that typically costs more than $10,000.
  • SpaceX is likely paying much less to manufacture Starlink terminals, but two telecommunications experts believe the company is heavily subsidizing the cost for users, and eating $1,000 to $2,000 (or more) on each.
  • “Getting the terminal out there is great PR for gaining market access,” Tim Farrar, an industry expert, told Business Insider. “It also impresses potential (and current) investors and makes life difficult for competitors.”
  • But analysts say heavy long-term subsidization could majorly hinder SpaceX’s ability to break even on Starlink, let alone profit from the venture.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.


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NXP Tackles Cost and Complexity of Automotive Software Development with New S32K3 MCUs

NXP Announces S32K3 MCUs

NXP Tackles Cost and Complexity of Automotive Software Development with New S32K3 MCUs
NXP Tackles Cost and Complexity of Automotive Software Development with New S32K3 MCUs
NXP Tackles Cost and Complexity of Automotive Software Development with New S32K3 MCUs
  • Security firmware and software from NXP maximize security and streamline development

  • System level safety hardware and software simplify ASIL certification

  • Free automotive grade drivers accelerate development and quality compliance

  • Smart memory design enables fast, reliable and secure over-the-air updates

EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands, Nov. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) today announced the S32K3 microcontroller (MCU) family, the newest addition to its S32K product line. The S32K1 family, released in 2017, marked an important turning point in addressing software’s central role in automotive development. The new S32K3 family, designed for automotive body electronics, battery management and emerging zone controllers, continues to simplify software development with an enhanced package that spans security, functional safety and low-level drivers.


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Seo Bok Trailer: Gong Yoo must protect the ‘dangerous’ Park Bo Gum at any cost to save his own life

In the brand new trailer of Seo Bok, we get a more detailed look into Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum’s twisted equation as the former must do everything in his power to protect the latter in order to save his own life.

Gong Yoo and Park Bo-gum plan to end 2020 on an exciting note with their soon-to-be-released sci-fi film Seo Bok, which fans have been eagerly waiting for. A brand new trailer of Seo Bok was released recently, which gives us a more in-depth look at the twisted equation between Yoo’s Min Ki-hun, a former intelligence agent and Bo-gum’s Seo Bok, the world’s first human clone.

The exhilarating Seo Bok trailer begins with a voiceover from Bo-gum as we come to know that Seo Bok is only 10 years of age, who has never been outside of the research laboratory before. We’re then introduced to Ki-hun because of

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The Verge’s 10 favorite gadgets that cost less than $50

While most of us wouldn’t say no to a $6,000 Apple Mac Pro or an $1,100 electric bike, sometimes it’s just as much fun to be gifted a low-cost gadget that is just fun or useful. It may not let you edit your latest video or take you to the store, but it will help your computing be easier, keep your tech clean, cook a healthy meal, or just make you smile.

a bunch of items that are sitting on a table

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We asked some of the staff at The Verge to tell us about stuff that they liked that cost less than $50. We’ve divided their responses into two categories: tech gadgets and household items. Take a look.

Tech Gadgets

a computer sitting on top of a table: 8BitDo M30

© Photo: 8BitDo
8BitDo M30

8BitDo makes a lot of wireless gamepads. There are wireless NES pads, wireless Super Nintendo pads, even a wireless TurboGrafx pad. They come in Bluetooth varieties — great for

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Computer Scams Cost Westlake Resident Thousands

WESTLAKE, OH — Two Westlake residents were ensnared by computer scams during the waning weeks of October.

On Oct. 22, while a Westlake resident was using their Apple computer, an alert popped onto the screen and said the desktop was “under attack” and was now “infected.” The pop-up directed the user to call “Apple Support” and provided a phone number.

Concerned, the resident called “Apple Support” and was then told Apple could detect the virus but to proceed with the investigation, the user would need to purchase gift cards. The resident would be refunded the cost of the cards after the investigation.

“Unfortunately, the victim purchased thousands of dollars in gift cards and read the numbers to the support person before realizing that it was a scam,” a Westlake police spokesperson said.

A week later, on Oct. 29, a 23-year-old resident was using her laptop when a pop-up message flashed

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Record free cash flow and cost delivery

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Solvay nine months 2020 results

Record free cash flow and cost delivery

November 5, 2020 at 7 a.m


  • Net Sales were €6,751 million in 9 months 2020, down 11.9% organically due to lower volumes primarily in aero, auto, oil & gas and construction markets. Third quarter sales of €2,103 million were down 14.3% organically versus 3Q 2019, with some demand improvement in September.

  • Cost savings reached €260 million year to date, of which €130 million is structural, with €90 million of savings achieved in Q3.

  • Underlying EBITDA for nine months was €1,481 million, down 16% organically versus 9M 2019.  EBITDA in the third quarter 2020 of €473 million was up sequentially by 7.7% versus Q2 and the decline was contained to 17% organically versus Q3 2019 as cost reductions and sustained pricing significantly offset volume declines.

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