County launches new website following user feedback, contest kicks off

The County of Grande Prairie launched its newly redesigned website recently, intended to be more mobile-friendly and easier to navigate, according to county communications.

The website serves as “a digital one-stop-shop for information about county programs, services and initiatives,” according to county communications.

“Council approved the development of a new external website for the County of Grande Prairie to better meet the evolving needs of residents and the public,” said Allison Richels, county communications advisor.

“The new website (will) ensure visitors to the site will have the best experience possible when engaging with the county online.”

The previous version of the website was created in 2012 and a survey on a new design was open in January and February, she said.

The survey drew a response from 90 people and an additional 10 participated in focus groups in March and April, Richels said.

The focus groups discussed what the website

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Northern California county to pay $10 million after shooting, paralyzing Silicon Valley software engineer

By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ | The Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO  — A Northern California county has agreed to pay nearly $10 million to settle a lawsuit by a Silicon Valley software engineer who was having a mental health crisis when a deputy shot him, paralyzing him from the waist down.

Placer County agreed to pay Samuel Kolb, 50, and his family $9.9 million to settle a lawsuit the family filed after a deputy shot him twice on Jan. 14, 2018, inside a North Lake Tahoe rental cabin where Kolb and his teenage son were vacationing, Kolb said.

“There’s a measure of relief in not having to go through this and not having to put my family through any more legal challenges. But I would trade all the money plus interest to have my old life back, to not have gone through this and put my family through this, to have

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Columbia County adds translation feature to website

HUDSON — After months of insistence from the immigrant advocacy group Columbia County Sanctuary Movement, Columbia County has added a translation function to its website.

“The general issue for our community is that they don’t have equal access to services not only because of immigration status, but specifically because of language access,” said Bryan MacCormack, executive director of CCSM.

A Times Union analysis of Capital Region counties found the only other counties with translation functions on their websites are Albany and Schenectady. The function allows for website content to be translated into more than 100 languages, powered by Google Translate.

MacCormack said that with the implementation of the new Green Light law, which allows undocumented immigrants to obtain driver licenses, the chasm between those with and without access to information and communication in the county had become more pronounced. For example, many Department of Motor Vehicle services shifted online —

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Audit found ‘significant risks’ in Baltimore County schools’ computer network

State auditors found “significant risks” within Baltimore County public schools’ computer network, according to a report released Tuesday, the day before a ransomware attack shut down the school system.

a man wearing a suit and tie talking on a cell phone: Jim Corns, Baltimore County Schools' Executive Director of Information Technology, speaks at a press conference to update the public on Wednesday's ransomware attack, as the school system's board chair Kathleen Causey looks on from the side. 11-25-2020

© Ulysses Muu00f1oz/The Baltimore Sun/The Baltimore Sun/TNS
Jim Corns, Baltimore County Schools’ Executive Director of Information Technology, speaks at a press conference to update the public on Wednesday’s ransomware attack, as the school system’s board chair Kathleen Causey looks on from the side. 11-25-2020

The network was not adequately secured, and sensitive personal information was not properly safeguarded, among other issues, the Office of Legislative Audits found.

County police are investigating the attack, which school IT personnel say they identified late Tuesday night. They’ve declined to release details of the probe. It’s unclear what role the weaknesses described in the audit may have played in the ransomware incident.

The cyber attack has halted school for 115,000 students, with no timeline

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Delaware County computer network disrupted; officials investigating criminal activity

Delaware County officials are investigating a “disruption” to the county’s computer system, and have convened a criminal investigation into the cyber attack, a county spokesperson said Tuesday.

a large stone statue in front of a building: The computer network used by Delaware County employees at the government center and courthouse in Media was "disrupted," officials said Tuesday.

© CHARLES FOX/The Philadelphia Inquirer/TNS
The computer network used by Delaware County employees at the government center and courthouse in Media was “disrupted,” officials said Tuesday.

Details about the disruption and the damage that it caused were scare, but members of county council stressed that the Board of Elections and Department of Emergency Services were not affected — both use separate networks.

“The investigation is ongoing and we are working with computer forensic specialists to understand the full nature and scope of the event and confirm accurate information before sharing the details,” county council said in a statement. “County employees have been notified and provided with information and instructions.”

A spokesperson for District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer did not immediately return a request for

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Trump’s Maricopa County vote challenge not about fraud, attorney says



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Claims that “potentially thousands” of Arizona voters were disenfranchised dissolved during a six-hour court hearing on Thursday, as a lawyer representing the president’s reelection team dialed back allegations of “systematic, improper” vote overrides. 

Donald Trump’s campaign, along with the Republican National Committee and the Arizona Republican Party, had filed a lawsuit on Saturday alleging Maricopa County poll workers routinely disregarded procedures designed to give voters a chance to correct ballot mistakes on Election Day.

But within minutes of the start of proceedings on Thursday morning, attorney Kory Langhofer insisted the plaintiffs were “not alleging fraud” or “that anyone is stealing the election” — simply raising concerns about a “limited number of cases” involving “good faith errors.”

That was perhaps a prescient shift, given that testimony from several witnesses failed to bear out anything more. And before Langhofer even made his opening

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Gwinnett County judge Schrader re-indicted in computer hacking case

Arraignment is set for Dec. 4.

Brian Steel, an attorney representing Schrader, said he thought the charges were “baseless.”

“That indictment can house 1,000 counts,” he said. “She committed absolutely no crime whatsoever.”

The charges relate to Schrader’s decision to connect a device to her work computer, on the county network, after she thought someone was trying to hack her in early 2019.

In the earlier trial, Schrader said she hired private investigator T.J. Ward because the county’s IT department was not taking her seriously. She reportedly feared a courthouse “conspiracy” could be afoot.

A contractor working for Ward, former Forsyth County sheriff’s deputy Frank Karic, subsequently installed a traffic monitoring device on Schrader’s computer. Another contractor — Ed Kramer, the co-founder of pop culture convention DragonCon and a registered sex offender — was then tasked with analyzing the data collected.

The indictment says Schrader gave Karic her password and

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Girls Inc. Of Monroe County To Sell Building, Transition To School Programming | News

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Failure updating software caused Antrim County vote glitch


Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson talks about Michigan election

Detroit Free Press

LANSING — A failure to properly update software was the reason for a computer glitch that caused massive errors in unofficial election results reported from Antrim county, the Michigan Department of State said late Friday.

And a U-M professor of computer science and engineering who specializes in voting systems and securities says it appears the snafu arose from an “unusual sequence of events very unlikely to affect any other jurisdictions.”

“The erroneous reporting of unofficial results from Antrim county was a result of accidental error on the part of the Antrim County clerk,” the state agency that oversees elections said in a news release.

There was no problem with the voting machines or vote totals, which were preserved on tapes printed from the tabulators, the state said. The problem occurred when the totals by precinct were

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Fixed computer glitch turns losing Republican into a winner in Oakland County

a man wearing a suit and tie smiling at the camera: Oakland County Commissioner Adam Kochenderfer, R-Rochester Hills

© Adam Kochenderfer
Oakland County Commissioner Adam Kochenderfer, R-Rochester Hills

A computer error led election officials in Oakland County to hand an upset victory Wednesday to a Democrat, only to switch the win back to an incumbent Republican a day later.

In Oakland County’s 15th County Commission District — representing Rochester and Rochester Hills — the initial count gave a 104-vote margin to the Democrat, Melanie Hartman, amounting to a razor-thin majority of 50.08%.

That stunned the incumbent, Adam Kochenderfer, giving him a sure sense that he’d lost in a district long deemed a Republican stronghold.

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“I thought that was that,” Kochenderfer said. “Those were the results, and I said I would not seek a recount.”

But what a difference a day makes — in weather, love, and the 15th District election for Oakland

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