SEO Success Is a Moving Target, but Good Content Will Always Be Crucial

Google updates its search result algorithm thousands of times every year, and for content marketers, keeping up with the ever-changing search engine optimization (SEO) standards can feel like a losing battle.

Though its tweaks are typically minor, some changes are a lot heftier. In just the past two years, Google rolled out nine significant updates, including several deemed “Broad Core Algorithm Updates.” And, while the search behemoth is traditionally tight-lipped about what each update entails, typically its goal is to evolve how its 200 SEO ranking factors—such as inbound versus outbound links—are scored in search results.

The impact of each update, in turn, depends on whether it’s applied to a relatively small number of web pages or rolled out more broadly across the larger internet.

Overwhelmed yet? Google and SEO experts maintain that there’s no need to be. Google’s primary intent isn’t to penalize pages; it’s to improve the web

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A public regulator and tough new standards are crucial to ensuring the internet is safe for everyone

A public regulator and tough new standards are crucial to ensuring the internet is safe for everyone

Violence and discrimination, a principle we recognise in the real world, must now be enforced much more strongly in the digital one, writes Stephen Doughty MP. | PA Images

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Social media and internet companies have repeatedly failed to recognise, let alone get to grips with extremism on their platforms. Future regulation must ensure they are not allowed to use ‘grey zone’ excuses to justify inaction.

Last year the government unveiled the Online Harms White Paper intended to deal with “online content or activity that harms individual users, particularly children, or threatens our way of life in the UK”. The paper proposed a suite of internet regulations that would establish a code of practice for internet companies and a statutory duty of care.

But the scheduled debate on the proposed legislation has been kicked into next year, with legislation apparently delayed.


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Biden’s Shipping Agency Nominee Could Prove Crucial To US Climate Change Plans

In the upcoming months, there will be around 4000 appointments for the Biden-Harris team to make, 1212 of which will require a Senate confirmation.

One of the less prominent roles is that of the US Shipping Administrator within the Department of Transportation (a role known as the US Maritime Administrator or MARAD).

This position has historically been overlooked, but may prove to be a critical appointment in order for the Biden-Harris team to succeed with their climate change plans.

With the global coronavirus pandemic likely to continue for many more months, and airlines

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Apple’s Clips App Gains Brilliant Upgrade With 2 Crucial New Features

Apple Clips is a lot of fun. It’s an easy-to-use app which lets you create, edit and share quick videos on your iPhone. But, until now, it’s been missing something you’d have thought would have been there since day one: vertical video. I mean, it’s the most natural way to hold the phone, right?

MORE FROM FORBESNew iPhone Upgrade Delivers Feature Apple Users Have Wanted For Years

It’s one of two big updates to the free app, though there are more, and they mostly apply to both iPhone and iPad. Here’s all you need to know.

Portrait, landscape or square

Until now, the videos were only available in square format, which isn’t the way with TikTok and Snapchat, for instance. So, square was quickly becoming a

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New Huawei phone comes at crucial time for Chinese company

Huawei’s new smartphone has an upgraded camera, its latest advanced chipset and a better battery

LONDON — Huawei’s new smartphone has an upgraded camera, its latest advanced chipset and a better battery. What it may not have outside the Chinese tech giant’s home market is very many buyers.

Huawei, which recently became the world’s No. 1 smartphone maker, on Thursday unveiled its Mate 40 line of premium phones, a product release that comes at a crucial moment for the company as it runs out of room to maneuver around U.S. sanctions squeezing its ability to source components and software.

The Mate 40 could be the last one powered by the company’s homegrown Kirin chipsets because of U.S. restrictions in May barring non-American companies from using U.S.

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Apple’s iPhone 12 Is Missing One Crucial Feature

The iPhone 12 is a cool phone with a stunning design, but it’s missing one crucial feature.

The iPhone 12 is a very cool phone—the design alone is enough to get most Apple fans excited. However, in my mind it’s missing something crucial in current coronavirus times—the ability to open your phone with Touch ID.

I get it, Face ID is reserved for premium iPhones, with Touch ID available on lower-end model the iPhone SE. The higher-end models’ design doesn’t allow for Touch ID, unless it’s either inside the screen or on the side button. 

Also not a premium model (Face ID is available on iPad Pros) Apple’s iPad Air launched in September moved Touch ID to the power button at the top of device, and I’d been

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Want to Escalate the Speed of Your Website? Use These 5 Crucial Tips

In this age of internet and superfast connectivity, visitors are most impatient beings and they are not going to wait longer for your website to load. Performance and speed go hand-in-hand, and even a fraction of seconds difference in download speed between two websites matter a lot to get customers pouring into them. While many think that slow speed of a website is due to the faults in the website constructions, one of the chief reasons behind it is too many things stuffed into it. So, the first thing you need to look is fixing all the internal glitches, cutting down its content and make it as fast as possible. Take a look here at some of the essential ways to streamline your website performance.

#1 Strike a balance between the website’s elements

Most of you want something extraordinary in your site to make it as catchy as possible. But … Read More