A Cure for Stuck-At-Home Internet

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We’re all trapped at home sharing broadband for the foreseeable future with no end in sight, and our internet setups need some help. You might be looking at mesh routers as a solution to help blanket your house with wifi and ensure that every Zoom meeting, online class, and virtual exercise session goes off without a hitch.

Amazon recently refreshed its mesh lineup with the Eero 6, and it’s a compelling offering at its price, provided you don’t need full gigabit speeds. It has a friendly mobile app and integrated smart home support through Alexa, too, and its compatibility with Wi-Fi 6 can help route all that gridlocked internet traffic that’s adding to the strife at home.

Eero 6

What is it?

An update to Amazon’s mesh wifi router with WiFi 6 compatibility and an integrated Zigbee radio for smart home integration.


$130 for

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Can Dream Programming Cure Your Mind and Body While You Sleep?

Dream Programming is said to cure your mind and body while you are sleeping. But what exactly is Dream Programming?

This new technology consists of MP3s that you listen to as you fall asleep. There are various ones for different problems such as weight loss, financial abundance, quit smoking, new job, stress, new relationship and many more. You select which area you want to improve and then listen to the tape when you go to bed. The voice on the audio communicates affirmations to your subconscious, which controls yours dreams and helps create changes.

You can also apply the same technology without the MP3s. When you go to bed at night, repeat an affirmation and visualize it happening. Continue until you fall asleep. Your subconscious mind will work on this area as you’re sleeping. I have had success with this method. I have cured a health problem with this. I … Read More

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May (not real name) is a 39-year-old-female. In mid-2008 she delivered her child. Two months before delivery, she noticed the hardening of her left breast. Ultrasonography did not show anything wrong. The doctor suggested it could be due to the breast being engorged with her milk. Although she breast fed her baby the breast remained hard. There was no problem with her right breast. She went to consult order doctors and all of them came to the same conclusion – no problem!

Utrasonograhy of her breasts on 1 December 2008 indicated diffused inflammatory process. The left nipple was retracted. Conclusion: probably diffuse mastitis. A biopsy is advisable. Subsequent needle biopsy done did not show any malignancy. Not satisfied, a tru-cut biopsy was done on 29 January 2009. The result showed atypical proliferation of cells suggestive of an intra ductal carcinoma. An open biopsy of the breast lump confirmed invasive ductal … Read More