About Treadmill Cushioning and Treadmill Shock Absorption Technology

One of the reasons many people buy a treadmill is for treadmill cushioning which offers shock absorption upon foot-strike and results in a lower-impact workout compared to walking or running on pavement.

Treadmill cushioning has come a long way in recent years. In fact, I’m impressed with some of the treadmill shock absorption technology offered by some treadmill manufacturers. Some shock absorption technology reduces impact up to 40 percent.

What is bad cushioning technology?

There are 2 bad forms of cushioning:

1. Thick tread belt

Yes, it would a bit of a joke for a treadmill manufacturer to claim it provides treadmill shock absorption technology because of the thickness of the tread belt.

Any treadmill that says its thicker treadmill belt is good for low impact cardio is not good. In other words, don’t buy a treadmill for lower impact workouts simply because it has a thicker treadmill belt.

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