This is Why the Internet is Calling MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki “Map Daddy”

Photo credit: NBC - Getty Images
Photo credit: NBC – Getty Images

From Oprah Magazine

You know Bill Nye the Science Guy, the man who makes concepts like inertia and phases of matter not only digestible, but actually mildly funny. Now, get ready for Steve Kornacki the Election Guy, the man who makes the intolerable wait for the presidential election results a bit more tolerable.

Kornacki, MSNBC and NBC News’s national political correspondent, has been working overtime to relay all the information viewers need to know about the hell storm that is the 2020 election. Seemingly always standing in front of the “big board” (the interactive screen that features live results from states) to interpret those pesky electoral college votes for the uninitiated, Kornacki has maintained a soothing presence over this year’s election cycle.

“I think I’ll forget to eat a lot during election week,” he recently told GQ of his process. “Certainly on election night.

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