five pandemic dance videos that won the internet

An Indian doctor, in full protective gear, moves to a Bollywood track. A Harlem dance troupe, donning surgical masks, pirouette across empty subway stations and parks. And an Alabama principal films a Covid-era take on MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This.

These are just a few of the dance videos that could only have emerged in 2020. Below are five of our favorites.

Indian doctor channels Bollywood

Ear, nose and throat surgeon Dr Arup Senapati has been treating Covid patients in India’s north-eastern state of Assam for months. Earlier this month, he donned full PPE (including a face shield and shoe covers), and danced to Bollywood hit Ghungroo for recovering patients.


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Magloire/Kikta/Walker Dance Film NOCTURNE Now On Magloire Website

Magloire/Kikta/Walker Dance Film NOCTURNE Now On Magloire Website

Choreographer Miro Magloire announces that the 13-minute women’s quartet from his new abstract ballet “Nocturne,” which premiered on line October 23rd, is available for viewing indefinitely on the New Chamber Ballet website. Magloire collaborated with kw creative: director Emily Kikta and camera operator Peter Walker, both also dancers with New York City Ballet.

The multi-talented Kikta and Walker are also a couple offstage, having married on June 20, 2020.

Choreographer Magloire worked with Emily Kikta on a short film in 2015 and so admired the dance films that she and Peter Walker created for New York City Ballet that he approached the team about collaborating on a dance film. They decided to use some of the choreographic material that Magloire was working on at that time and turn it into a completely different, stand-alone dance film.

The shooting location, a former factory in Brooklyn, provided the perfect ambiance. And New

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