Democratic consultants launch ‘Retire Rubio’ website targeting the U.S. senator in 2022

A group of Democratic operatives launched a “Retire Rubio” website this week, seeking to defeat Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio in his expected bid for reelection in two years.

According to Florida Politics, the site and its associated PAC is headed by Ben Pollara, a South Florida attorney who helped lead two successful John Morgan-backed amendments, the medical marijuana initiative in 2016 and the minimum wage amendment in 2020.

“In election after election, Marco Rubio has skated by without being held accountable for his extremism and corruption in the Senate,” the site states. “For years, Marco’s campaigns have been bankrolled by Big Oil, Big Pharma, the NRA, and Wall Street, so if we’re going to be successful in taking them on, we have to get started early.”

Rubio, a Cuban American from Miami-Dade, could be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the wave of Miami Cuban voters who helped put

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