Designing to Sell: Dee Agarwal’s Guide to Website User Experience – Press Release

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2020 / With the growth of digital advertising and online purchasing, a company’s website has become a critical touchpoint within the consumer journey. In fact, websites are often a major determining factor upon which consumers base their first impression of a brand. “Similar to real-world human connections, the first impression can make or break the interaction between a business and their target audience,” says Deepak Agarwal. “How consumers interact with your website and its content are strong indicators of your brand’s overall health and relationship with customers.”

Dee Agarwal is a c-suite executive and entrepreneur with decades of experience developing and leading major eCommerce businesses. From leading online retailer,, to business process outsourcing firm,, Dee Agarwal has strategized and launched successful online businesses across various industries.

“The common thread is user experience,” notes Deepak Agarwal. “You must consider and control how

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Responsive Website Designing – A Primer

Technological advances never fail to overwhelm the masses and pose new challenges in the meanwhile. With a new mobile phone and tablet getting released almost every other day, creating a new website for every other resolution is not the solution. So, how does a designer or developer optimize the site for every possible resolution? Well, the answer is responsive web design!

Responsive web design is not just a catchy slogan, but it is the new way of designing for the web. Since more and more users are accessing websites on the go on their mobile devices, it makes sense to code and design every website in a way that it looks equally good on every platform, regardless of its resolution.

Here are few salient features of the same:

1. Images, including those in image sliders, get resized automatically

2. Header and normal text get resized and formatted accordingly

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Designing and Developing a Good Website

How do you design and develop a good website? What does it take to drive traffic and make it to the top of search engines? How can you make it user-friendly and aesthetically appealing to your targeted market? Can a website really deliver more income for your company or offered services?

These and more are the many considerations that need attention in designing your website. Whether you are designing for personal use or for your company’s products/or services, you must have clear ideas of what you want to accomplish in your website. A good website starts with a good concept and web structure.

First of all the trend for website design nowadays are inter-active. Gone are the days of HTML base website that are static. It does not accomplish much, but just make a presentation of who, where and what you are. Users can only read your pages but can’t … Read More