3 Key Differences Between Bing SEO and Google SEO

Within the last few years, Bing has continued gaining traction, comfortably holding the second position of the search engine market, behind its leader, Google. Ensuring your website is optimized is the safest way to ensure your site can be found by your users, no matter what search engine they’re using.

While Bing and Google share many of the same SEO and ranking signals, there are a few key differences you should be aware of. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Between Bing SEO vs. Google SEO: Key Differentiators

1. Keywords

Keywords are essential to any solid SEO strategy. But, you should know that there are a few differences between how Google and Bing understand keywords.

Google employs what is known as semantic search to improve the accuracy of understanding a searcher’s intent. This has given Google the ability to not only examine keywords but also understand keyword context.

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The Differences Between Software Development and Software Engineering

Software development and software engineering go hand in hand when it comes to the implementation of software. Software development deals more with the creation of the software and when this is complete, software engineering takes over with the creation of software systems. Both of these disciplines are at times interchangeable and without much difference to the layman. If you just want to have one specific piece of software designed, such as database software that will keep track of your bird watching hobby, then you’ll just need software development. If, however, you want your bird watching database to be able to support multiple functions, such as delivering a report with statistics and results, then you’ll more likely need the expertise of software engineering.

Software engineers will implement and design software applications through the use of many mediums. These software applications will then be used for a variety of purposes that include … Read More