FTC discusses potential antitrust case against Facebook

Thursday’s meeting came two days after the Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, and as coalitions of state attorneys general are weighing whether to bring their own complaints against the search giant. Facebook — with more than 2.2 billion users worldwide — ranks second behind Google in claiming a share of revenue from the online advertising market.

Attorneys general from multiple states are also pursuing antitrust probes against Facebook, though it is unclear whether they would be able to join the FTC’s case if the agency files one.

The FTC investigative process involves teams of antitrust attorneys, economists and litigators who can each make their own recommendation to the agency’s commissioners on whether to pursue a case. Attorneys from the agency’s Bureau of Competition marshal documents and witness interviews, while staff in the Bureau of Economics analyze economic theories and models to determine whether they have enough evidence

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Google’s Mueller Discusses SEO Advantages and Predictions

Google’s John Mueller offered his thoughts on the future of SEO. He focused on opportunities for small businesses and offered predictions on what will be big for SEO in the near future.

Search Ranking is Getting Harder – Use Your Advantages

John Mueller expressed his opinion that SEO will keep becoming competitive. He said this because big companies are becoming better at SEO.

He advised that smaller and older online businesses that are increasingly having trouble competing with bigger companies may want to look into less competitive niches, although he also said that smaller companies have an advantage in being nimble.

Mueller recommended focusing on unique advantages.

While he didn’t mention any specifics, a strong advantage of smaller companies is the ability to pivot faster to take advantage of opportunities without going through the layers of meetings and management that a larger organization might have to go through before making

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