Maryland Divorce Attorney Unveils New Website Design

Maryland Divorce Attorney Unveils New Website Design

SIEGELLAW | Maryland Family Law Attorneys

SIEGELLAW has recently released a new website design. The new website design features an updated user interface and an improved overall organization.

Ellicott City, Maryland – November 06, 2020 – A Maryland divorce attorney at SIEGELLAW recently unveiled a new website design showcasing their family law services. The new website features a completely renovated user experience that makes it much more reminiscent of the high-quality legal services that their firm offers. They have designed this new website in order to give clients a more simple and streamlined experience when looking into their business and services. They hope it will be a welcome improvement that better reflects the high level of service that they are known for providing clients.

SIEGELLAW offers potential clients a much more improved website that helps make it easier for clients to learn about their law firm and the representation that

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The 7 Best Online Divorce Website

San Francisco, California – ( NewMediaWire ) – November 04, 2020 – Online divorce services can save couples thousands of dollars, especially when the filing is uncontested. It’s estimated that couples spend an average of $22,000 to file for a divorce when they hire an attorney, which is no laughing matter, both financially and emotionally. 

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The best instant online divorce website is one that offers a lot of options, doesn’t overcharge, and has a fast resolution. 

The Best Divorce Online Service Reviewed:

The following list is the best online divorce services on the internet. Cost, support, services offered, and ease of use are all factors that influence the reason why they made it to the top 7.

1. – Best All-Around


– Value for money

– Allows contested divorce

– Approved by state court


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Internet Addiction and Divorce

Internet addiction, pornography and divorce

As a divorce attorney, I am increasingly seeing cases where internet addiction, particularly addiction to online pornography, plays a role in the divorce, is a factor in custody decisions, and may even be an issue in the division marital property. In one case, a parent’s excessive use of the internet and resulting neglect of their child played an important role in the eventual custody decision.

Online pornography has been called the “quiet family killer.” Adultery is now only a click of the mouse away. In 2004, Dr. Manning testified to the U.S. Congress that 56% of divorces involved obsessive internet porn addiction by one spouse. In a survey of members of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 60% of the lawyers thought that internet pornography was linked to higher rates of divorce. The American Psychiatric Association has acknowledged that Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is a … Read More