Trump Wants the DoD to Give 5G Spectrum Away for Free

Illustration for article titled Trump Is Reportedly Pressuring the Pentagon to Give Away 5G Spectrum to a Shady Company for Free

Photo: Tom Pennington (Getty Images)

According to a CNN report, President Trump is allegedly pressuring the Department of Defense to give Rivada Networks, a company with several well-known Republican investors, what is basically a no-bid contract for extremely valuable mid-band 5G spectrum.

That’s a mouthful, but here’s the gist: Rivada currently has a “request for proposal” (RFP) that would bypass a competitive bidding process for the DoD’s 350 megahertz spectrum. The White House, CNN reports, has purportedly been working to fast-track that RFP.

What’s troubling about this is it appears that Trump is likely helping Rivada because he’s been encouraged to pressure the DoD into sharing its 5G network for commercial use by prominent Republicans, including Newt Gingrich. Karl Rove also reportedly told Trump to help Rivada out, according to CNN. Rove also happens to be an investor and lobbyist for Rivada. Peter Thiel—noted vampire

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