The internet loves Joe Biden’s very good dogs, Major and Champ

If the internet loves anything, it’s a good pup. And President-elect Joe Biden has two.

Joe Biden wearing a suit and tie: The internet loves Joe Biden's very good dogs, Major and Champ

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The internet loves Joe Biden’s very good dogs, Major and Champ

Folks online have become especially enamored with Major, a big ol’ German shepherd Biden adopted in 2018. Look at this good boy — who will be the first adopted dog in the White House.

Look at head-tilt and smile. We just love to see it. A Good Boy. 

After Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 election by multiple major media outlets, it wasn’t long before folks began the celebrating a return of pups to the White House, since outgoing President Donald Trump was famously the first commander-in-chief in a century to not have a dog. A fan page on Twitter for the Biden dogs, for instance, has already racked up nearly 60,000 followers. Biden’s other dog, a German

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Watch Dogs: Legion: Which gadgets should I use guide

Watch Dogs: Legion isn’t really a game about guns — although you can choose to play it that way. Instead, Legion is a game of gadgets, hacks, and trickery. To succeed, you need a tool for the job, and you have many choices.

Some agents come with their own gadgets, but all agents can hold one of six generic gadgets from the Tech menu. Because you have to invest Tech Points to unlock each gadget — and upgrade them to their full potential — you’ll need to make some decisions early on.

Here’s a look at each of the six gadgets from the Tech menu, and which ones we think are worthwhile.

Infiltrator Spiderbot

Infiltrator Spiderbot Watch Dogs: Legion

The Infiltrator Spiderbot is our favorite gadget by far
Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft

We’re starting out with the best one — certainly our favorite.

The Infiltrator Spiderbot is your own personal proxy. You can drop it and

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Best Gadgets, Upgrades, and Hacks in Watch Dogs: Legion

A lot of the gameplay challenges in Watch Dogs: Legion revolve around fancy gadgets, upgrades, and hacks that allow you to interact with the world in specific ways. Some of them are far more valuable than others. You will need Tech Points to buy and upgrade them, and this limited resource needs to be invested wisely as you cannot get it back after you spend it.

To help you make some smart choices, we are going to run throughout top picks for the best gadgets, upgrades, and hacks in the game.

Friendly neighborhood Spiderbot

The Spiderbot is the king of the gadgets. This little fella can crawl through vents to get to places you can’t reach and is also a fantastic way to get to hard to reach Tech Points so you can keep the upgrades flowing. Upgrade this guy all the way, as you will be using it a

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Gadgets, Upgrades, and Hacks to buy first in Watch Dogs: Legion

In this Watch Dogs: Legion guide, we’ll help you decide what gadgets, upgrades, and hacks to spend your hard-earned Tech Points on early in the game when everything is scarce.

Your first choices are important. We’ll make sure that you don’t waste them.

Infiltrator Spiderbot gadget (including upgrades)

Watch Dogs: Legion guide: Best gadgets, upgrades, and hacks to buy first

Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft via Polygon

One of the first choices you’ll make in Watch Dogs: Legion is between two gadgets: the Infiltrator Spiderbot and the AR Cloak. Choose the Infiltrator Spiderbot without hesitation.

The Spiderbot is a remote-controlled proxy for your DedSec operatives. It crawls through air ducts, hacks and downloads, and can even pick up things like Tech Points and masks.

Get the upgrades to the Infiltrator Spiderbot early. The first adds a sprint and a double jump capability, and the final upgrade adds a cloaking device. When fully upgraded, the Spiderbot is just about a replacement for your (human)

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