D&D nerds (like me) are donning virtual armor and venturing online amid pandemic | Commentary

There was a time when a deadly pandemic wouldn’t have bothered me in the least. I’d have cast a protection spell to keep myself and others safe. If anyone got sick, a cleric would remedy things with his or her healing powers.

Hi, I’m David. I’m a D&D nerd.

At least I was, years ago, throughout college and a bit beyond.

I’ve been thinking about the many hours of escapist fun Dungeons & Dragons gave me and my circle of writers, actors, artists and musicians who gathered most weekends to imagine ourselves as heroic fantasy figures battling evil and collecting treasure.

For a few hours, I was no longer a young reporter chasing stories. I was Randolph the Deceiver, master illusionist, beguiling foes, enchanting maidens and generally being a tricky but true-blue comrade in arms.

The pandemic has been a huge opportunity for franchises and firms in the escape-from-reality business.

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