DoubleVerify, a specialist in brand safety, ad fraud and ad quality, raises $350M

Ad-based platforms can face a lot of heat from advertisers when they can’t control how and where their ads run: just look back to the ad boycott against Facebook earlier this year (or earlier boycotts against YouTube and others) as examples of when it all goes wrong. One of the ways this is getting addressed is with tech; and today, DoubleVerify, one of the companies that has been building tools to improve how those two interplay together, is announcing that it has closed a monster round of $350 million to continue with that work.

DoubleVerify provides tools to advertisers and brands, marketplaces and publishers — longtime customers include the likes of Facebook, which provides it as a tool for advertising clients to use in their analytics dashboard. Its tech can detect fraud (essentially verifying that you are paying for actual people, not bots, to see your ads), “viewability” (making

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