Website For Accessory Dwelling Units Launched

Marin County recently launched ADU Marin, a new website intended to guide residents through building an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), such as a granny flat. The website includes information on permits and construction, ADU floor plans and a rent calculator.

Last January, the Board approved extended financial breaks on building and permit fees for ADUs in Marin County. Permit fees will be waived up to $10,000 if the ADUS are rented to tenants with household incomes below 80 percent of the local median.

“In the bigger picture, we hope people will investigate ADUs as a way to improve the quality of life for our workforce,” said Jillian Nameth Zeiger, a planner with the Community Development Agency’s Housing and Grants Division. “Providing a home for an individual or family can be rewarding and promote a feeling of community.”

To introduce the website tools to residents, ADU Marin will be hosting a

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