Edge-to-Enterprise industrial software requires a solid IT foundation

A holistic approach to digital transformation

Achieving successful transformation is not a straightforward process. Unifying diverse data streams, including alarms, pressure management, maintenance schedules, work schedules, production data, financing data, revenue, expenses, inventory/silos information, supply chain, engineering information, and more takes time and expert knowledge of the operations. Without a tailored digital solution designed to extract relevant information in an organized manner, the sheer multitude of uncontextualized data becomes an obstacle, and it is difficult to organize teams and make agile decisions that maintain productivity even in fluctuating circumstances.

As part of our Edge-to-Enterprise strategy, Aveva delivers a comprehensive family of HMI and supervisory control (SCADA) software for our industrial customers. With a focus on agility, flexibility, and enabling your workforce, an Edge-to-Enterprise approach represents an infinite range of possibilities that can help you best manage your operations.

Each component of an Edge-to-Enterprise solution is an integral part of your

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